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How to have an Edgy Boho wedding day

Dramatic + bold with major contrasts, today’s post will speak to the couples that regard themselves a bit unconventional, and live for all things artistic. We want to encourange you to take a more vivid and unique approach and do your wedding a bit differently than the norm. You are a unique person and your wedding should reflect your kickass style! After all, love is an adventure – not always predictable – and it takes you to new places within yourself – and that is what this post is all about.

Unconventional wedding venue

Warehouses typically make for excellent event spaces, as they tend to be known for their high ceilings, wide-open space, big windows, and textural details. Bonus points for warehouses with an interesting story or cool history behind them, as these are the kinds of venues that present a real sense of place for guests.

Moody rich color palette

A dark & moody palette makes a bold statement for all unique brides, which is mysterious, romantic and so unique. It can be easily incorporated with both a bohemian glam and edgy theme.

Unique wedding theme

Whether you are into music, art or love going to festivals, an edgy wedding is the perfect place to showcase your personality.

Unique statement lighting

Creative lighting is the ultimate way to inject your wedding with both memorable personality, warmth and atmosphere.

Romanticism reinvented

Not everyone sees weddings as something pretty, perfect, and sweet! You might prefer a more raw, authentic, and moody atmosphere. What does romance mean to your and your groom? Don’t be afraid to put your own personal interpretation to it.

Express your true self with your wedding attire

You probably already have a kickass personal style in your clothing – and your wedding day should not be a reason for you looking like everybody else. Choose your suit and dress with integrity – there are so many gorgeous options for brides that want to rock their wedding look! Want to wear Dr Martens instead of wedding shoes? Just do it!