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Stay organized when planning your wedding with these simple hacks

You have already downloaded your wedding planner, found a venue and set a date. And perhaps you have already ordered scented candles for your bridesmaids proposals. Those things are really great!

Erin Fraser 

But the truth is that it can get overwhelming from here onwards. Social media overload will certainly add to the burden of the imaginary need of achieving perfection and the latest trend, and it is rarely worth it no matter how desirable they seem.

As the wedding date is getting closer, emotions tend to run high and staying rational could get hard – as well as avoiding reaching Bridezilla status.
Unless you are already an event manager, chances are high you’ll feel under astronomical pressure for the next few months – but not if you know how to keep all your wedding ducks in a row…. here is how!

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Email management

The moment you start sending out inquiries to photographers, venues, caterers and cocktail hour jazz bands, also start an email account with the sole purpose of handling all wedding related correspondence. Make sure to label each email with the right category, for example RSVPs, catering, bridal boutique inquiries, venues etc. You’ll find what you need so much easier.


The importance of list making

Download an easy way of making lists on your phone where you can quickly jolt down ideas, and easily email them to others – of even invite others, have conversations and share on Gmail and Facebook. Creative ideas might happen any time of the day, so be prepared to capture them in ways that are easy to access afterwards by making a list which is satisfying to tick off.


Cell phone categorization

Also set up a Messenger/ Whatsapp/ Viber group for wedding communications with your Groom-to-be, and likewise with your Maid of Honor. Your normal conversation thread will not be flooded, you can switch into different frame of minds instantly, and it will be easier to look back at what discussed. Plus, you’ll be able to put the wedding planning aside as needed – a tip to definitely take advantage of when you need some time off!

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Financial fine tuning

The wedding budget is possibly the most pivotal factor in how you execute your wedding. Of course, it can lead to huge amounts of stress to feel out of control of expenditure especially when figures are more than expected when trying to achieve your dream.

Make sure to balance the amounts across the different segments of the day according to what is most important to you. Is it the venue? Is it the amounts of guests you invite? Or perhaps your dream dress? Each couple and each wedding has a unique composition and spread of budget – and rightfully so. Make sure you know what you need and want to prioritize. And stay informed of where the money goes by keeping a close tab of what you should spend. Here is a budget tracker that will fulfill this purpose!

A separate bank account will of course make budget management much easier… aim to get a credit card with perks as you will be using it lot for the next year or so – it might even give you flight points toward the honeymoon!

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Spread sheet sharing

You’ve already downloaded our Planning checklists and Budget Tracker, of course? Make them into Google docs that you can access anywhere from your email – and invite everyone involved in making your wedding happen.

In a similar way, create a vendor spreadsheet as well, with the timeline for the day and all essential guidelines and instruction for fulfilling the wedding, and be sure to create separate tabs for each vendor where you can gather all information which is specific for their area. The week before the wedding (not the night before) update the revised timeline and remind all vendors to check the latest and final update. See this as your control room for the wedding where you have everything in one place like a dash board.
Structure is going to save you a lot of headache and worry!

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Stick to old school as well!

Aside from all these tecchie tips, nothing beats a pen and a note book for ideas on the go. Buy a pretty note book of manageable size and keep in your hand bag – who knows, you might come up with the perfect wedding logo design whilst waiting for your friend in the coffee shop!