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A practical guide to wedding flowers

Weddings these days are taking on all different shapes and forms, but flowers are still a major part of many celebrations. From bouquets to attention-grabbing ceremony backdrops, flowers are the perfect way to inject life, color, and energy into your special day, no matter the wedding’s size. 

Flowers have been used for ages to express adornment, admiration and love. There is something so appealing about a fresh bunch of blooms, and it is hard not to stop when you are walking past a florist or flower seller to take in the colourful display and scents.
We are bold enough to say that weddings would not be the same without flowers, so to get that fresh, bright and cheerful atmosphere for your big day, this is the décor element that completes the picture, no matter what you envision for your wedding.

How to make the flower budget stretch

Flowers are almost always used in weddings to add to the décor and atmosphere, be it an elegant ballroom event or a celebration in a rustic ambience. The only unfortunate reality is that they might require a big chunk of your wedding budget. So we are here to help you get the most out of your florists services.

The most straightforward way to reduce cost is to use inexpensive greenery, either as a filler or entirely on its own. Both modern weddings and the bohemian kind will benefit from an all-green look, or perhaps just adding a statement flower per table for impact.
Also think about using mainly seasonal, local or dried varieties – you will feel better about the environmental impact of your wedding day too.

Other ways to save is to have a priority flower, then spend less on the others and perhaps just using budget friendly varieties, dried flowers or large leaves as fillers.
You might also decide on a priority area, be it the ceremony, your bouquet or the sweetheart table. Another tip is to reuse flowers from the ceremony to the reception location. Delegate a flower team to carry them through and reposition them where they can be enjoyed for longer.
You could also DIY certain arrangements, especially if you are option for a casual and effortless décor style.

Bouquets are pricey, especially the cascading variety, so consider carrying a fresh bunch of flowers from a flower stall – or your mother or other family member might already be experienced in arranging beautiful bouquets.
Similarly, your bridesmaids might be designated with the task of arranging the table flowers – you can definitely ask them if they would feel comfortable with the job. For a whole list of other budget-savvy flower ideas, please check this post.

The floral responsibilities

Chat with your florist and make sure there is a perfectly clear understanding of who is responsible for items such as florist wire, vases and delivery. It is essentially the florist job to supply the gear but make sure of all these things first so that there is no misunderstanding. It is your florist job to supply the essentials, and they are also in tune with the industry and know where to get the most affordable flowers and accessories. Some florists will include this in their fee, whilst others might give you the option to pay for it separately. Always ask these questions before you accept the quote.

Alternative solutions for modern weddings

If tall and opulent arrangements isn’t the look you envision, there are creative ways to put your own twist on tradition. The artistic florist of the modern day will have endless ways of making your wedding day uniquely elegant. Instead of over the top centrepieces you might opt for a majority of candles with sparsely arranged flowers in between, instantly making it intimate and romantic. Instead of table flowers you might go for hanging flowers, suspended in amongst industrial light bulbs for a casual yet impressive atmosphere. Scattered vases or ceramic objets can take centerstage is you want a modern, creative look. Likewise thrift store candle holders could be spray painted in a unified colour and used to creative a cottage core/ vintage setting, perhaps with loosely arranges roses for that fine art feel. Be as creative as you want and enjoy the feeling of having created a totally novel and breath taking wedding atmosphere, even whilst spending less on flowers. A bonus is that you might want to reuse these items in your home, or gift them afterwards.

Be ingenious and combine wedding favours with table décor. Mini pots with succulents or cacti can serve as centrepieces, and when the night is over the guest takes their plant gift home. Money and effort saved plus less tidying up for you, win-win!

Top flower trends of 2021/22

White and Neutral Wedding Flowers

Using all-white flowers in a natural, organic fashion is very popular again, after a few year of very bright and colourful wedding blooms. The color white represents balance and peace, so it makes sense that couples are embracing this calming hue after everything that happened in 2020. While color will play a major role in the 2021 wedding flower trends, couples are also going back to the basics for their bouquets, centerpieces, and other arrangements.

 Statement Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

Since couples are opting for microweddings, they are getting the chance to give bigger attention to their altars. Over-the-top arrangements will be one of the most popular 2021 wedding flower trends, since they’re a great way to enhance a celebration not only in person, but also on camera and video.

Dried Flowers and Greenery

From centerpieces to escort cards, many couples are finding creative ways to incorporate this trend into their décor. Once reserved for vintage and rustic wedding styles, dried flowers and dried greenery are gaining traction when it comes to bohemian, minimalistic, and even classic aesthetics. 

Cottage-core and Nature-Inspired Arrangements

Likely a result of the shift toward informal and intimate weddings, couples are embracing the whimsical, lively look that perfectly imperfect floral arrangements can convey—stylish and planned, but also lighthearted and not too serious. Locally grown and seasonal flowers are another 2021 wedding flower trend we expect to stick around. Not only are they readily available for last-minute elopements, outdoor weddings, and civil ceremonies, but they add to the laid-back vibe that many couples are looking for.