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Discover your bridal style with these online quizzes

It’s time to decide on your bridal look and shop for your wedding dress! How exciting, right? You want to find a gown that fits your personality as well as your body.

If you are at the early stages of creating your bridal vision, doing a quiz could be a harmless, playful way of casting your net to see what secret ambitions of yours the result might reveal…

Some quizzes are more comprehensive and some short (and biased), but it tells you what style you’re likely find suitable based on your planned wedding day and favorite dress details – which of course prompts you to know those things first.

When taking an online quiz, we hope you remember that you might find yourself grouped in to a broadly generalized category having asked about on your general opinions about life, but who doesn’t love a good quiz just for the fun of it? (If you want more tips on how to personalize your wedding, please check out these posts!)

After the test: Did you get different results for Wedding style and Bridal style? Remember, that the two wouldn’t have to be the same. Of course you can wear a modern dress at a traditional venue – it makes for a more unique and awesome wedding!

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What kind of bride are you?

Maggie Sottero has created this visually appealing test that will guide you to a look matched to their offering of wedding dresses, but it is a well made short test that will give you a visual of styles that you might actually end up loving and use as a guideline when you go dress shopping locally.

Their dresses are traditional and romantic but even if your style is not represented, you might find it useful for defining your silhouettes and preferences and use for any designer. It requires that you already have some kind of decision on your look and wedding style.

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What wedding dress style best suits you?

This tests asks about your wedding, your fiancee and whats you favorite beverage and suggests what style of dress will best suit you, giving you a silhouette appropriate for venue, season and your personality.

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Find your dream wedding dress

Will your wedding dress be modest, glamorous, or maybe a pantsuit? Find out now! This test from David’s Bridal will take you on a tour of their collections and present you with options that match your budget, size and style preferences.

Whether you feel inspired to their gowns or just use it to receive a general idea, still might give a good indication of how you’d like to look depending on wedding style, body shape and venue.

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What bridal hairstyle should I wear?

The outcome of this quiz will depend on your everyday hair, wedding dress, style of wedding and your style preferences when it comes to accessories, and might help you discover your bridal personality and the look your heart might desire.

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What’s your bridal beauty style?

According to this quiz it is your weddings overall vibe as well as your wedding dress that will determine what bridal beauty look will suit you best.

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Wedding Dress Quiz

If you’re looking for ideas on the dream wedding dress for your big day, try this fun wedding dress quiz! No matter what your bridal style is, you can find tips that will help you decide on the perfect dress for the venue, your personality, wedding colors, and more.

If you are not yet sure what silhouette you prefer, remember All silhouettes that you love and feel beautiful in, will be flattering. It is about finding a balance between the fit and the feel and that is why it is important to try a few silhouettes in the bridal salon before.

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What Kind of Dress Will You Wear at Your Wedding?

Wahoo—you’re getting married! But what kind of dress should you wear for your big day? Answer these questions to find out!

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What is your bridal style?

But let’s face it, we are all different and unique when it comes to our personal styles. Are you a boho bride? Are you a traditional bride? Or, just maybe, you are somewhere in between! It’s ok to be unsure, because we are here to help! Take Vow’s Bridal’s style quiz and discover the bride you really are!

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