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Online quizzes to explore your wedding style

Recently engaged and somewhat already confused over too many choices when it comes to deciding how your wedding should look and feel like? Feeling split down the middle by contradicting advice on style and décor styles on social media?

Below are some fun Wedding Quizzes that we found around the web – of course we recommend to take it with a good pinch of sale – but could maybe bring a broad insight of what kind of wedding elements might be right for you, based on anything from your favorite celebrity to what hashtags you follow. Ready to play games?

What Should Your Wedding Theme Be?

Picking the right theme for you is a good start. Take this quiz by The Knot to find out which wedding theme is right for your vision.

Themes are not a crucial part in modern weddings. Instead of sticking to one look, choose a variation of ingredients to create your own personal mix. Therefore, why not take the quiz a couple of times and see what different results come up and give your self the opportunity to let multiple influences create your unique wedding.

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What’s your wedding style based on your personality?

Here is a wonderful test from Junebug Weddings, which has a whole page of fun quizzes. Perfect for you if you know that you already want seriously cool wedding!.

Instead of committing to any given wedding style, why not make your own composition of style influences that resonates to you as a couple? Your wedding will be unique and a true reflection of you as individuals.

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What’s your wedding style?

Will your wedding be modern, vintage, or something totally unique? Find out now! Discover your dream wedding style, then learn ways to express it through color, design, and more.

This beautiful quiz has ten pages where you choose your favorite images, which allows your visual intuition to guide the way.

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Wedding Vision Quiz

Modern? Whimsical? Boho? Personalize your wedding style to share your vision.

You’ll need to sign up to the Knot to take this quiz (free of charge) but as a bride you’ll be given a platform from which to coordinate and share your wedding plans with potential vendors.

Remember, you do not have to stick to a specific theme or a color scheme. This is the year to make your wedding all about you and your groom, and not follow a list of traditions to perform. And skip the details and decor items that are not meaningful to you.

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What Wedding Venue is Right for You?

If you’re having option paralysis by so many beautiful settings to choose from to say “I do,” let this quiz help you decide which wedding venue type is right for you.
In the pandemic, you’ll likely keep the venue simple, practical and personal. Throw an intimate party for those who matter the most whether you share it on Zoom or at a small wedding with the nearest family and friends.

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Which Style of Wedding Am I?

With so many possibilities staring you in the face, it can be hard to know what style of wedding represents your idea of a good time. This fun wedding quiz will help you decide on the look and feel of your big day!

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Build Your Dream Wedding And Reveal Your Wedding Style

Build your dream wedding and see which wedding style matches yours most. Think of every detail and plan the wedding that will be the talk of the town for ages to come. It’s only one day, but it may be the most important day in a person’s life, so every little detail has to be accounted for to make the fairytale dream come true.

With so many things to choose and plan for, it can be a difficult task to build a dream wedding, but celebrities offer many helpful hints and ways to pull off a glamorous wedding, both simple and traditional, or full lavish.

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What Kind Of Wedding Should You Have?

Planning for the big day, but can’t decide on your theme, location, decorations? At the end of this quiz there will be no doubt how to prepare for the wedding of your dreams!

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