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Wedding decor that reflects your personality

Decor is an important aspect of your wedding day, as it creates the atmosphere and sets the mood of your celebration. It is also a way for you as a couple to showcase your personalities and existing style, making this a brilliant opportunity to host a beautiful and fun soiree with added individualization. Whether you prefer the charm of the outdoors or an elegant environment, your chosen decor elements will be the foundation of the kind of wedding you are intending.

When it comes to sources of inspiration you have possibly already seen on social media the many styles available, all equally amazing and impressive. The wide range of flowers, color combinations and varieties of rentals certainly makes the imagination run wild and they are all incredibly enticing. How will you choose?

Modern brides are blessed with abundance of different avenues through access to the internet’s wealth of ideas that inspire and open up eyes to new ways of implementing decor. But it can also become a road block, so before you get overwhelmed by too much choice, we’d like to remind you to first and foremost think about what style of wedding will best match your existing personality, and not try too hard to copy something which has already been done.

This way you’ll achieve something unique and authentic which you’ll treasure for years to come – and your guests will appreciate discovering the wedding couples personal tastes in this way – we guarantee it.

Choose relevant decor inspiration

A good way to start off with is to briefly browse through your favorite wedding influencers websites and Instagram accounts. If you know that you like what they are doing, you’re likely to find an aesthetic which feels compatible.
We actually advise that you don’t spend too much time on Pinterest. Firstly, you’ll be exposed by mostly generic inspiration. Secondly, Pinterest recently changed their algorithm to include more sponsored pins, and less based on your own preferences. This means you are fed targeted marketing first and foremost, as opposed to pins based on what you are interested in.
However, Pinterest is a useful tool for creating categorized mood boards that you can share. So once you have nailed the vibe, create boards with those same images to use as a base from which you make decisions. The board will have an additional section with more similar ideas so that you might be able to refine the look even more.

Before committing to decor, consider the following

-Are you in favor of an abundant, luxurious look – or prefer something more understated?
-Will you incorporate one style throughout, or mix things up to your liking?
-Do you like subtle or vivid colors?
-Are you going for an existing themed look, or most keen to invent and create your own individual flavour?
-What time of year is your wedding? Are there particular colors and textures and plants which are relevant around this time?
-What textures and materials will accentuate your style? Glitter, wood, linen, metallic surfaces etc?
-What style of venue is it, and what decor will complement the existing environment?

You may also look in your home to reveal your existing vibe – or think about how you have always wanted your home to look like. This might just be the perfect recipe for an environment you’ll truly love spending your wedding day in! Plus if you buy items you love for your wedding you’ll be able to use them in your home after – which is a win-win solution, right?

Create a comprehensive reference board

Your idea sheet and images will give a pretty clear indication of where you want to go with this. Make samples and cut outs, even include fabric, natural elements and color swatches as everything will help to distill the final look.
If you are unsure about your colors, textures or style, you might see a trend reflected in the reference images you picked with the most prevalent elements.

Use your list, mood board and references to illustrate your desired look to your planner, florist and stylist if you have one. This will help them understand your ideas and can show you what they are able to provide to achieve your taste. Allow them to come with suggestions as their expertise is a useful resource for creating something novel and unique.
Take your board with you when you go shopping for decor to make sure you stay on point.

The wedding venue will steer the direction

Your decor style will be somewhat determined by the level of formality you go for. If you prefer a classic wedding, there will be certain items that are expected such as tall centerpieces, fine tableware and impressive candelabras. Here you can add unique touches with flowers and colors. If you are going for a modern look, you have more options to personalize throughout. If you are on a tighter budget, a rustic wedding will be attainable at a lower cost where you can personalize with fun DIYs and quirky vintage finds.

The venue will also say something about the decor that will fit its existing style. If you are going for a highly personalized or specific look, you will save yourself a lot of headache by finding  a venue that already has elements of the vibe you are after. For a formal venue you will probably want to match this with sophisticated decor. A minimalist modern backdrop such as a roof top or modern restaurant will be the perfect canvas for a contemporary, cool wedding.

A useful tip: if you are on a budget, or simply do not want to include lots of decor, search for a venue that already has its own elegance and natural beauty. This way you don’t need to add too much to it as it is impressive to start with! Often flowers are plenty decoration especially if your wedding is planned to be held at a venue with grand interiors.  Make it yours with showstopper florals, calligraphy printed goods and meaningful touches.

The secret for seamless decor is to accentuate your venue’s atmosphere and not try to change it too much. You’ll save time and money, and if your wedding is already “you”, you would have done most of the job of personalization this way. 

Follow the silver thread

Work towards creating a storyline, which begins with the invitations your guests open, all the way through to chair decorations, the wedding cake to the bar your serve drinks at the reception. Play around with palettes, table layouts and size of your flower arrangements until you have created the full picture you are happy with.

Remember to draw a diagram or take a photo of exactly the layouts you desire to show the vendors and the team setting up on the morning of your wedding day. It is easier to explain in pictures that in words, especially when lots of information is given at the same time on a busy time.

Wedding decor which is authentic

Choosing and designing your wedding decor is an important and enjoyable part of the process of planning a wedding. Make sure to take your time, choose your ingredients with integrity with your own interests at first priority, and you’ll be sure to have an authentic wedding that speaks for itself – which you will feel the most proud of as well! Be sure to remember is is totally fine -and a good idea – to exclude anything which doesn’t ring true to you as individuals. 
Dare to think outside the box, use your imagination and make sure to enjoy every minute of decor planning!

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