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Simplify these areas of your wedding for a more chilled engagement

Wedding planning to-do lists can seem endless, and your engagement can get pretty intense trying to nail all details down.

If you are not keen on unnecessary stress, or don’t want to spend money on things that don’t really matter that much, this is the post for you.

If you are not keen on unnecessary stress, or don't want to spend money on things that don't actually matter, we have listed the areas you can re-think and still have a beautiful and modern wedding

What are your priorities for the wedding?

Whether you are traditional or not, figure out the items which are relevant to your unique wedding day.
Scrutinize, be honest and select only elements which are close to your hearts and let other less significant aspects fall to the side.
There are no rules on how your wedding should be planned, and the day is up to you as a couple to decide how low-key or extravagant you want your day. Luckily you are getting married in times when weddings don’t have be be conformist. I highly encourage all couples to make your wedding day unique!

What do you actually need for your wedding?

Figure what unnecessary details to take out of the equation, which will leave more time, head space and budget to fulfill the most meaningful elements that will add real value.

Ask your selves if and why to make it more complicated than it needs to be? The less elaborate details – the less to worry about.  Planning this way, you’ll find that you save both time and money, and have a lot more fun, too!

Ask yourself the questions below to cut the pointless excess out of your wedding day. You will still have a stylish, enjoyable and memorable wedding!

Do you really need printed stationery?

An option is to create your Save the date digitally, and send as an email, which can also encourage guests to interact with your wedding website from early on.

Online stationery can have a surprisingly luxurious feel. Not only will it be a fraction of the costs, perhaps even free, but also makes it easier to manage RSVPs’.

Instead of printing one menu for each guest, frame a large menu per table or even just write it by the buffet for all to see. For place cards, see what nature has to offer instead of printing more bits of paper. It always feels good to do things in a more eco-friendly way!


What is the right amount of flowers for your wedding?

Over-the-top flower arrangements are impressive, but in reality they are costly and possibly unnecessary. Keeping the centerpieces small will benefit the guests more, as they will be able to see each other and talk easier.

If you don’t like wasting flowers, dried flowers, grasses or potted orchids make beautiful features.

Generally speaking, the minimalist approach to flowers always hits the jackpot in terms of beautiful looks and modern wedding style.

More ideas about how to save on wedding flowers here.



Are wedding favors really neccessary?

Truth: your guests are not going to mind if they don’t get a favor. You have just hosted them a beautiful evening and provided delicious food and drink. They are so happy that they got invited to your wedding!

If you are gonna give, make sure it is something definitely worth keeping, or provide a midnight take away snack. Instead of a gimmick, consider something simple, but meaningful and eco-friendly.

A great way of doing favors is to combine the escort-card or name card as the favor.

Do you need aisle decor for the wedding ceremony?

Once the ceremony begins, their eyes will be on the couple. The brides is usually the key decor piece of the ceremony, why you can get away with keeping the aisle style decor and flowers to a minimum.

Focus on the arch, perhaps add a focal piece on the ceremony table, then keep it simple elsewhere. That is where people will notice and appreciate it.


What kind of ceremony program is sufficient?

The program is a traditional feature, but you are allowed to be creative with this for your modern wedding. You can definitely keep it simple, especially if you plan a short ceremony.

If you decide to skip the program, a framed Order of service by the entrance to the ceremony area will give those who are interested a chance to read.

If your ceremony is long and detailed, it can however be a bonus with a program so people can follow along.



Do you need starters on the wedding menu?

For an informal soiree, you can totally let the starters form part of cocktail hours. This will also give guests an extended opportunity to mingle. People will appreciate being able to nibble as much or as little they like at their own leisure.

A grazing table is a beautiful buffet style presentation of cold foods, where guests can pick out their favorites – and come back for more!

Sitting down for hours can be tiring, and most will not miss the formal starter – aren’t cold meats, olives and hummus more yummy anyway?

How many signs do I need for my wedding?

An elegant sign can serve as a decor feature, but you won’t need more than a couple of signs in total.
Filling every corner of your wedding with over-used slogans quickly gets corny, and are unnecessary. Your guests will want to know what they are eating and drinking, aside from that they are quite good at figuring it out.

Stick to one or two statement signs, such as your table plan or welcome sign. Here is another opportunity to be creative and put your personal style on it.


What entertainment is right for my wedding?

Dancing is an essential component of a fun wedding, but you might not need to hire towns top DJ. A well thought out playlist will do a great job, as long as someone you trust is in charge. If you plan to have a nightclub vibe later, the effects and music from a DJ can be worthwhile for those few hours.

How much decor do I need for the wedding tables?

Whilst pretty to look at, overly dressed tables are not neccessary for modern weddings. Choose either runner or table cloth, but there is little need for both.

The napkin will only need to be crisp and clean, but don’t worry too much about thread count and color. Your guests will not appreciate your wedding any less or more because of your napkins!

Does every wedding need DIY?

Hand made decor elements is a nice personal touch, but it can get time consuming.

Reduce the amount of DIY projects to those items that you think you’ll find joy in after the wedding. Pick projects that don’t seem too elaborate and are most likely to work out well. Enjoy the process of DIY and avoid rushing it.

How elaborate does the wedding cake need to be?

Wedding cakes can truly be a feast for the eye as well as the tummy. But consider this: just as with wedding dresses, less can definitely be more.

A simple white fondant cake should never be underestimated. Decorated with a single feature flower it is a stunning modern cake.

Consider a small wedding cake for you to cut, then serve the same recipe cake baked in a pan to guests. A single tier cake with simple decor actually looks incredibly luxurious!


How much decor is right for my wedding venue?

Rentals will eat the budget quickly. Consider borrowing objects or just having less.
The most efficient way to decorate your wedding is choosing a venue with its own natural beauty. Add ambiance with candles and fairy lights, and let your well chosen flowers do their magic.


What getaway transport is right for our wedding?

If you are a modern couple, don’t be afraid to be innovative and rethink the rented limo. How about motorbike, a golf cart or a rickshaw?

Check what is available in the network – someone will have a cool convertible, or perhaps a characterful old truck.
Uber has a fancier version of their taxi service, which will be much simpler than renting a vintage Bentley.

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If you are not keen on unnecessary stress, or don't want to spend money on things that don't actually matter, we have listed the areas you can re-think and still have a beautiful and modern wedding
If you are not keen on unnecessary stress, or don't want to spend money on things that don't actually matter, we have listed the areas you can re-think and still have a beautiful and modern wedding

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