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low key styling for a spectacular wedding

In this post you’ll find our favorite concepts that our editor has noted during the year, and predicts we’ll see more of in 2021. You will see that most of these ideas are totally doable, even for a wedding during or post-covid, why we appreciate them even more.
The vibes identified are not necessarily official trends yet – but as our keen wedding eyes are always on alert, they tell us what is going to be big (probably a result of obsessing over weddings every day of the year).

Scroll on and we will tell you more!
11 wedding ideas to try in 2021- wedding trends, styling and decor


Overall influences
Floral trend: Dried flowers
Wedding decor: Natural straw and rattan
Bouquets: Vintage roses in wedding bouquets
Wedding colors: Irredescence
Wedding reception: Large wicker lamps
Wedding backdrops: Colorful arches
Wedding bar: Elegant cocktails
Venues: Elegant gardens
Wedding reception tablescapes: Earthy minimalism
Guestbooks: Modern polaroid selfie stations
Stationery: Arched and softly colored

Overall influences for 2021 weddings

Some of the beautiful wedding ideas of 2020 never had a chance to be adopted, and these will linger and some carry over to 2021. You can read more about them here.

As an overall tendency, couples will be looking to support local producers, both in order to cut costs but also to support the struggles that many small business owners have experienced in the lockdown. We think we’ll see a surge in eco-friendly decor, with a focus re-usability or sustainability. Expect to see a lot of natural materials, an appreciation of DIY and dried or planted florals.
There is also a strong yearning for period luxury, which is expressed as elegant vintage furniture rentals, a node to our grandmother floral bouquets, hints of 1920s glamour and extravagant cocktails reminiscent of a bygone era.

We totally adore these creative ideas and think they will enable couples to make the best of a compromised situation. We are certain some of these wedding ideas will inspire you to create new looks of your own – remember, your wedding is all about YOUR creativity, after all!

No matter the size, location or budget of your wedding, incorporating creative styling means you will have a gorgeous and picture-perfect day no matter what the other circumstances might be!

11 wedding ideas to try in 2021- wedding trends, styling and decor

Wedding floral arrangements with dried flowers

Dried flowers are making a spectacular entrance to the contemporary wedding aesthetic. Previously a big no-no, they’re now used to create head-turning displays. This is one of the many ways to reduce your environmental impact too, as they last well and could be reused, gifted or kept as decor for your home. They open up choices as you don’t need to worry about the specimen being in season. Their stiffness also means you can achieve notably sculptural designs, plus the light weight makes them ideal for hanging floral arrangements.
Pampas grass has been around for a long time already and is being gradually replaced by more trendy species such as silver leaf, dried sun palms and other structural cuttings. A fabulous way to use these is in large installations with mixed roses in soft pinks or cinnamon hues.

Natural wedding decor made of earth-friendly rattan and straw

A continuation of the earth-friendly theme – straw, rattan and other natural décor will have a strong presence in weddings ahead, replacing the disco balls, balloons and party tinsel of 2019-20 weddings. We can guess that the appreciation of these materials has risen up out of folklore and 70s wedding trends in recent years. They pair well with dried flowers, an earthy color scheme and can also be used in a more modern, minimalist context. Adding texture and a homely feel, this type of decor also enhances the environment and is definitely unique.

Vintage roses in wedding bouquets and flower arrangements

Brides are yearning for romance and will ask their florist to incorporate soft pastel colored, fully opened roses that evoke the look of a vintage oil painting. Roses have of course, always had a home in wedding flowers, but in 2021 they will have a revival – especially if combined with dried flowers as we described above. The rose is a symbol of love, passion and new promises, as well as being utterly stunning, so there really couldn’t be a more perfect flower for a wedding. The most popular colors will be coral, flamingo, soft pinks, white and light peach for a truly feminine look. Stand back, proteas and peonies!

Irredescence & sorbet wedding color themes

As millennials are planning their weddings, they also want their whimsical world of color reflected in their decor. Antagonistic to the plentiful earthy palettes of many other 2021 weddings, there will be a influx of iridescent sorbet and vivid candy colors that bring unicorns and teletubbies to mind. Whilst this look might only be for the most playful of wedding couples, it certainly boosts positivity and a sense of childhood innocence that invokes much-needed cheerfulness after a year of covid fears. This color trend will even extend to bridal gowns, something we will chat more about in a later post. It will certainly make your wedding pop! If the bright theme is too much for your groom, this is perfect for a girly and fun bridal shower.

Wedding reception wicker lamps

Following on from the straw and rattan trend, wedding couples and stylists will seek to add a statement with an installation of large wicker pendant lamps. Creating an instant Bali resort look to your wedding reception, it adds a soft and natural atmosphere which will make guests feel relaxed as if on an exotic tropical holiday. Perfect for adding homeliness when decorating a tent, you can also install these as part of a hanging floral arrangement that will impress.

Wedding reception hanging basket wicker lamps
Finding Light photography
Wedding reception hanging basket wicker lamps
Melissa Gidney Photo
Wedding reception hanging basket wicker lamps
Florist- Hana Floral Design, Photographer- Henry + Mac and Planner- Ryan Designs
Wedding reception hanging basket wicker lamps
Planning & Design: @fawnevents⁠⠀⁠ Photo: @kamiolavarria⁠

Colorful art deco inspired ceremony backdrops

Vintage is an undercurrent in 2021, especially the Art Deco era. This era was influenced by the progressive 1920s Charleston movement which was a time of regained liberty, appreciation of life and positive changes of the times after WW1. What better application than for the post-covid wedding landscape?
The period also represents modern elegance, artistic creativity and urban glamor, which modern wedding couples will want to embrace as the majority of bohemian wedding obsessions have fallen by the wayside.
Art deco is seen in arched shapes, particularly in stylish backdrops that are painted in earthy, pastel colors and decorated with dried flowers. As with the rainbow color trend, these structures will inject fun and make the wedding decor unforgettable.

Elegant and creative wedding cocktail ideas

Couples will want their guests to feel particularly spoilt and treated like high society, which is why self-serve lemonade and craft beer will move aside and make space for champagne cocktails and craft gin mixologists. Breathing sophistication and a sense of special occasion into cocktail hour, drinks stations are decorated with custom signage and menus, elegant glassware with sumptuous drinks with an imaginative composition of ingredients. There will be equally grand and inticing beverages for those guests who are staying sober. The non-alcoholic hydration stations are also presented in this exquisite manner and might entail exotic mocktails made with coconut water, dragon fruit or kombucha tea. The creative couple will source a vintage bar cart as a charming display.

Elegant garden wedding venues

The most attractive venue for your post-pandemic wedding will likely be an outdoor location. Not solely as a safety measure, but also because of the natural beauty that the outdoors provides. Garden venues in particular will see an increased popularity as wedding couples plan their event. A garden provides a charming and lush environment with much of the décor already provided by the surroundings, which means you won’t need a big décor budget to make your venue perfect.
It is always best to have a plan B for a garden venue in case of rain or wind – a rented tent will provide shelter whilst still bringing the outdoors indoors.
Instead of a rustic backyard style wedding, couples will aim to put on a stylish and sophisticated celebration, going for a country side club, chateau or English formal garden atmosphere.

Earthy minimalist wedding tables with Scandinavian influences

Stylish sophistication is a priority for many 2021 wedding couples, which is going to reflect in their table décor. A conscious decision to move away from rustic boho and shabby chic, planners and stylists will be designing the look with modern muted elegance in mind, renting Danish style crockery with a handmade feel, gold cutlery and layering the table décor in earthy neutral colors and natural textures, marrying the minimalist aesthetic with a feminine etherealism. The result is simply stunning, don’t you think?

Modern polaroid wedding guest book

The idea of a photo guest book is not new, but no longer does the “selfie booth” consist of a generic rented photo booth, a rustic black board sign and moustaches on sticks. Modern photo stations are presented with custom signage matched to the rest of your stationery, and a modern polaroid camera; ultimately not being just a fun gimmick, but a tasteful addition to your overall well thought-through décor.

Arched wedding stationery and signs

Arched wedding stationery, menus and signs are another trend that follows from the Art Deco influences described earlier. The signature curve and otherwise minimalist look certainly adds an elegant and novel touch. For those couples that want to instantly thrill future wedding guests through their invites, this look is just as artistic as it is unique. For colors, think earthy pastels (surprise!), cinnamon, sand, terracotta, millenial pink, desaturated blues and cream, but expect to see lots of irredescent candy colors too.