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unforgettable elopement ideas for adventourous couples

I hope you as a bride will agree with me that an elopement is an amazing alternative to a conventional wedding, and should not need to be regarded as the “lesser” of wedding styles.

So with today’s post we want to continue to inspire you to hold onto your vision of a dream wedding. An elopement can be just as special, and likely to be even MORE romantic as you will be able to focus 100% on each other – and have an amazing getaway at the same time.
Needless to mention, this is a comparatively budget friendly option, which is surely also welcomed with the compromised livelihood we have faced during lockdown.
Having a more affordable wedding, catering only for two and your photographer, the wedding dress of your dream will seem more attainable, and you’ll be able to treat yourself to those wedding day must-have’s or honey moon that was out of reach before.

Scroll down to see just how amazing an elopement can be, as we have gathered some truly stunning inspiration just for you.
May romance reign!


For your outdoors elopement, it makes for a great visual display to reflect the natural surroundings in your bouquet with an unstructured, loose arrangement of mixed blooms and textures.


Obviously, for the current absence of flights, it will be most viable if you can get to your destination without depending on public transport – which means you will be able to combine your elopement with an exciting road-trip and a hike.

Colorado| Elsa Eileen Photo
Scotland| Elle Mecum
The Hearnes Adventure Photography
Rocky Mountain bride
Utah. The Hearnes Adventure Photography
Lover’s Cove, California | Charlotte Francis Photo
Bannf Mountain | Virginia & Evan Photography
Grand Canyon | The Hearnes Adventure Photography
Iceland | James Frost Photography
Rocky Mountains | Nikki Nguyen Photo

Wedding dress

The essence of an elopement is in many ways to escape from wedding tradition and get married your own way, why eloping brides often choose a dress which captures their wanderlust spirit which reflects their individuality.
There could be a certain practical element to choosing which dress you wear, why lightweight and soft fabrics, simple and comfortable silhouettes are good options. This doesn’t mean you must skimp on creative designs, which is illustrated below!

Sticks & Stones Bridal
Dreamers and Lovers
Made with Love Bridal
Rish Bridal


With an elopement, you’ll have more budget left for a high-profile photographer, and perhaps a videographer too – which is a big bonus and will certainly help to capture the romantic moments and impressive surroundings in unforgettable ways.

Adventure Begins Photography
Erin Fraser Photography
Map and Compass Photography

Cake and table decoration

Of course you can include a cake, decor and a lovely reception dinner sitting by a beautifully decorated table setting – it will just be in a petite format – and as with photography, you can take this opportunity to create an abundant and artful setting just for the two of you. Nothing says you can’t have an ceremony arch an abundant either – if you are in a natural environment you might even be able to create the atmosphere yourself.

Madeleine Rose Photo
Events By Design
Nicola Dixon
Nikk Nguyen
Lauren Nicole photo