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how to develop a rewarding relationship with your wedding vendors

You are in the early stages of wedding planning and have realized that even if your family and friends possess many combined talents, you will need to rely on professionals to make your dream wedding come true.
Finding vendors is an art of balancing budget and fulfilling your vision, and it is vital that you put some thought into it. Like you chose your bridesmaids carefully, these are your new “colleagues” for as long as the engagement lasts.

To make your time working with vendors the most productive is actually easier than you think – and we will now share the things you must know!

Before finding your vendors

The stage before signing the contract is the most important. This is where the yays and nays must be both practically and emotionally assessed, so you don’t risk disappointment later. Follow our advise and you will be sure to find the right people for the job.

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#weddingplanning #weddingvendor #weddingtips #weddingideas
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Get top people for the areas which matters most

As you begin forming ideas about your wedding, you should always identify the areas that means the most to you as a couple. Whether it is the award-winning Photographer, niche Catering, your favorite rock band performing, or the latest trend in floral installations, your top 3 priorities will indicate what is most important to get 100% right in the wedding. This is where the majority of effort should go.
With your preferences in mind, research available vendors that have the most experience, that you can also afford.

Having expert vendors in the most significant aspects of your wedding, is the secret to an unforgettable wedding day, that is also achieved with the least amount of effort as you can trust them to take care of this job better than anyone else.

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Be sure they are fit for YOUR purpose

Pick vendors that already do what you want really well. This is not the time to train someone up to your standards – chances are you will be micro managing and explaining more than you have time for. Likewise, don’t try to drastically change somebody’s style as it will be frustrating for both of you.

Make sure that you love most of the pictures in their portfolio, and not just a few. Be 100% confident that their talents are in line with what you want for your wedding. If you heard of this vendor from a friend or a recommendation, keep in mind that what they wanted for their wedding is likely to be different than yours!

Knowing that your intended vendor is completely qualified for what you are going to ask of them, means that the high expectations you set later are completely realistic – which is key for guaranteed success.

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Select people who are immediately easy to get along with

Look for agreeable vendors with personalities you can relate to. As well as understanding your desired outcome, they should also openly share your enthusiasm for it.

Recruiting a vendor is ultimately more special than hiring for any other job. It is closer to forming a new friendship, so as well as looking for the most experienced, it is just as important to make the final selection with your gut instinct.

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Know what qualities to look out for

The most important attribute a wedding vendor must have, is Reliability. Use the first few interactions as a measurement of their commitment to serve you well. If you felt underwhelmed, it is better to look further.

Another vital quality is Professionalism. Their manner and way of servicing is what the smooth operation of the day depends on.

They should also be able to put you at Ease. These are people that will be a part of an emotional and intimate day – and need to be supportive during such a time. During wedding planning you will be overwhelmed and weary occasionally. You will communicate a lot with them over several months, over some things that really matters to you. Be sure that your vendor doesn’t add stress unnecessarily.

Needless to say, your vendor needs to have Experience in the wedding industry. Even a professional can get swept up in the forces of such a big event, why he/ she should have worked on several weddings before yours. This is extremely important!

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After having found them

You chose the best vendors you could find and afford, congratulations! Now the time has come to make it all happen, and let them get down to work. You as a Bride and Groom obviously have a lot of ideas to share. In the steps below you’ll learn how to have the most fruitful and enjoyable time with your vendor, so that they can help you in the best way possible, with the best outcome.

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Initiate the creative stage with purpose and precision

As each vendor is recruited, share your completed mood board and ideas right away. Be clear on what you want from the beginning, especially if certain things are non-negotiable. Communicate what budget is available, setting the limits that you need. This is the framework which you vendor will operate within.

Having a Pinterest board, a spread sheet or shared drive is a good place to start. Schedule a follow up meeting where all the elements will be discussed in detail. Present your many amazing ideas, and be open to listen to what your vendor might suggest. Perhaps you will as a team come up with something even more amazing that you didn’t think of before or knew was possible? As well as having firm ideas, it is also great to have an open mindset.

Avoid chopping and changing too much during the later stages of the creative process – this will waste a lot of time and energy.
When you have given clear and concise information and directives, sit back and have faith they can make the magic happen. Try not to breath down their neck too often once you have shared everything that you need to tell them.

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Trust the process

It is time to let your vendor start working towards your shared goal: the most amazing wedding day. Allow them to help you in the way they know best, and trust them to be able to do it.

In your selection of vendors, you already shared your vision to ensure it can be brought to life by this person. You have hired them because you had a extremely strong feeling that they can, right?
This is the reason why you consider this vendor the best for the job, and the reason why you should now feel like you can count on them too.

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Practice mutual professionalism

Mutual respect is the foundation for a harmonious work relationship. If any doubt during planning, verbalize your concerns and follow up via email. Screaming and shouting is not a good idea, even if you don’t agree with something. Their experience means they know how to solve the situation, which was most likely just a misunderstanding. Avoid sweating the small stuff!
Remember, that your vendor also want success in this – his or her reputation is at stake. So work as a team and communicate well and respectfully at all times.

As a Bride and Groom, don’t try to always control everything. Especially on the wedding day, when it could hinder you from enjoying the party. It doesn’t allow the vendor the space to be creative, or do what they are trained to do in accordance with their experience.

Working with your vendors means embracing every moment which is new to you, counting on them as professional support. Trusting your suppliers means less stress for you, and is the ultimate secret for the best wedding day.
Enjoy preparing for your wedding with the help of your vendors, so that you most of all can relax and have fun on your wedding day!

#weddingplanning #weddingvendor #weddingtips #weddingideas
#weddingplanning #weddingvendor #weddingtips #weddingideas