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Candid bridesmaids photos are better than the shot list

Although some quirkiness is great for social media posting, the best bridesmaids’ photos tell a honest story and offer something unique. If you also want to show how heartfelt your wedding is, as well as planning the bridesmaids photo shoot list, you’ll want to let the moments just happen as you experience your wedding day filled with emotion, happiness and celebration.

On Pinterest you will find endless of compilations of must-have photo checklists with your bridesmaids, but think about it: it could compromise the spontaneity of you wedding day. When you are with friends, why do you need to act as if on stage? For a memorable album make sure to capture the real moments, too. It is the heartfelt and pure moments we will want to remember the most.

Fanatically following downloaded lists of fabricated poses down to the T, repeating what has been done over and over could possibly be explained by bridal FOMO tendency instilled by social media pressures – but when it comes to the poses, how to make the photos real and novel could become a problem for brides if strictly enforced. It a fine balance between real fun and cringe worthy.

Sometimes the best photos are those unstaged, the real moment shots such you and your girls in your natural element, highlighting the essence of your friendship.
When in the company of your bridal party, consisting of the women closest to you, why would you need synchronized smiles and fun on demand?
It is true that props and a well defined frame work could help the creative flow, but does it really put everyone at ease, creating genuine and natural photos?

Whilst it could be great to have a checklist so that you don’t miss some essential pictures, make sure to ask your photographer to include plenty of unplanned documentary-style pictures into the mix, and not solely instructed ones. Maybe we need ideas to get us started, but performing poses might lead to stiff results and perhaps corny shots – which is OK – but maybe not EVERY photo.

We do actually all know the silly acts by now. Wedding photographers are trained to a “creative” repertoire of photos that goes something like this:

  • How we know the bride chalkboard signs
  • Fun in robes on the bed
  • All hands raised up (photographers love this one)
  • Bouquet in front of face
  • Bridesmaid surrounding the mirror with brides reflection
  • The “Abbey Road” walk
  • Everyone taking a cell phone picture of the bride at the same time
  • All bridesmaid standing around and looking at the groom
  • Arms around each other back shot

And etc. You will see it copied everywhere you look!

Whilst these are all adorable moments reflecting some fun elements of the day, they should not need to be composed – they would just evolve naturally.

Yes it is fun to have some cliche photos, but lets add some variation to it! You and your girls will look nothing but amazing even without the staging – perhaps even better!

Scroll on to get inspired by these amazingly candid photos with bridesmaids that we’ve chosen for their honesty. Get ready to enjoy the sheer moment!

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