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Essential Tips for planning a wedding flower budget

Flowers – striking, pleasing and romantic, are a fundamental feature in wedding decor. But given the fact that they cost a lot of money, used only a few hours and don’t last, it is a good idea to be aware of how to achieve the same romantic and modern effects using a bit of creative flair.

Set a flower budget first

Just as with wedding planning in general, decide on a maximum budget for flowers. Have a discussion with your florist and make sure to ask about ways to make the installations more budget friendly. Show her your inspiration and ideal varieties, then hand over the selection to her.

Prioritize your favorite flowers

Discuss in what location flowers really matter to you, then consider leaving the rest to minimal. You might find that you don’t feel strongly about corsages,  aisle petals, a floral back drop, flower crowns etc.

Save on Centerpieces

Elaborate centerpieces are costly. It also feels sad to throw away so many beautiful flowers after having been used for only a couple of hours.
Well selected decorations can be as effective and stylish than opulent ones. Keeping the centerpieces small will benefit the guests too, as they will be able to see each other and talk easier.

Consider decorating with candles, using 1 or two feature flowers per table, or simply loosely draped with dreamy fabric for a modern stunning look.

Modernize and save on aisle decor

Once all guests are seated, and the ceremony begins, their eyes will be solely on the ceremony arch and the wedding couple. The brides dress is usually the key decor piece of the ceremony, why you can get away with keeping the aisle style decor and flowers to a minimum.

Focus on the arch, perhaps add a focal piece, then keep it simple elsewhere. That is where people will notice and appreciate it.

If you are very keen on a lush aisle, try planted pots, dried flowers or pampas grass.

Budget friendly backdrop ideas

Consider replacing your floral backdrop with fabric, fairy lights  or branches for a minimalist yet enchanted look. This could be a satisfying DIY project and result in a truly unique focal point. A feature such as a circle or geometric shape will replace the need for visual overload in the background.


Try to be flexible when it comes to flower varieties

Stretch your budget by not having too many opinions about flowers, as your florist will be able to work her magic with flowers you might not consider at first. When it comes to displays, it is more about the composition as a whole, than types of individual flower heads. To be open minded will serve your flower budget well.

Consider wild flowers and dried flowers

Supplement or replace with foraged wildflowers, or dried flowers. Potted plants or flowers from a friends garden can work too.
Dried flowers are an alternative that should be considered for a modern look – they make amazing features and will last if you store them right. If you don’t want to keep them – how about passing on them to another bride?

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Fill the gap

Fillers such as grass, fruit, other botanical elements such as cotton, wheat and thistle have great textures and can be used generously to add bulk or own their own. Combined with just a few feature flowers of choice, amazing arrangements are achieved at a fraction of the cost.

Think minimalism

Stick to a couple of varieties only, and you will get a bulk deal as well as a polished and cohesive display. Using your color scheme as the leading thread and interesting textures brings it all together to a uniform and sophisticated look.
Less is also more in terms of the volume. Single flowers or a small, tasteful arrangement gives a refreshing and refined aesthetic.

Use creative flower alternatives

You can further reduce the expense by replacing some – or all flowers –  in favor of other items.

Delicate branches, reeds, wild grasses create a contemporary look. Tie the decorations in with the rest of your wedding feel – if your theme is coastal, how about using shells or other beach finds?

Generally speaking, the creative minimalist approach to flowers will always hit the jackpot in terms of beautiful looks and modern wedding style.



Opt for potted orchids

Potted orchids are perfect for weddings as they don’t need to be thrown away after – just put them in your home or give away as wedding gifts. If you consider their re-usability they are not very expensive , and one orchid per table goes a long way. You can of course use other potted indoor plants as well – interesting leaves such as Paradise tree, Crysadilocarpus or Strelitzia add sculptural interest and unique elegance.

Replace expensive peonies with other flowers

There are peony lookalikes that will give you the romantic effect at a cheaper cost. Use fully developed roses in favor of peonies, which still brings about the most romantic and luxurious flair. Roses tend to be a good option generally – trendy is white or light blush colors.
To extend the beauty of your arrangements, consider Ranunculus, Rhododenron and Carnations when they are season.

Display in the right place

There is no need for flowers in every corner of your wedding. Choose your must-have flowers and display them only in places of high visibility such as the ceremony, tables, and head table, as these will be enjoyed and photographed a lot.


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