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Decor Styling which wont break the budget

It is good to know that spending too much on your wedding details is what newly-weds regret the most? And no doubt, after months of sourcing and stressing about items, it is over in a flash, and losing sleep over napkin colors suddenly seems pretty minor.

Below are our tips on how to scale back on the dubious details – that no one actually cares about (and you won’t get enough time to enjoy) – and instead decorate your wedding in ways that amplify the raw beauty of your commitment and love.

Carry on reading to discover that you can skip  more than you think, but still win big on style!

Overall principle

What can be defined elegance is not necessarily opulence and glitzy trims. A well executed, well composed  look that you selected based on order of importance, will stretch your decor budget a lot further – maybe even leaving spare change to achieve super-stylish outfits for yourselves?

If you skip the luxurious rental items, maybe your dream wedding dress or dream honeymoon suddenly feels more affordable!

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Find a balance between “needs”

Your wedding will actually be more memorable if you don’t try to copy what has already been done over and over, whether trends or tradition tradition.
Rather create your own personal spin on elegance. Only buy decor items that matters to you and your groom – it is your wedding day, after all!

It is about prioritizing – and of course, it is up to the two of you how your budget is mapped out.

We encourage you to create a beautiful wedding with a balanced level of tasteful details which still bring on an opulent feel. Only spending your decor budget in the right places, you can then leave out the excess that wedding traditions or Pinterest might have led you to believe as “must haves”.

How to create a Highly Personal Wedding Day with Free worksheet

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Bold extravaganza and splendor doesn’t mean more impressive or memorable. Nor are you  confined to the shabby-chic or hipster look just because you are budget-orientated, neither. 

It makes sense doesn’t it: the fewer details, less to buy/ make/ store/ transport/ install/ take down/ dispose of = a lot less to worry about – and climate bonus too!


Sleek elegance is a key wedding trend

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Be inspired by classics

Don’t worry too much about trends, and aim to stay timeless. You will have to pay a premium for trendy items, whereas classic items (candelabras, white linen, metallic accents) is readily available anywhere at any time of the year, not only for weddings but interior decor in general.

Use the trusted basics to build a personalized look with your few selected decor items that matters the most. Adding a hint of something that you are both into a classic setting will be a memorable juxtaposition!

If your wedding style is based on “you” and not the latest craze in the wedding industry, there will be less worry that you will get sick of or embarrassed of your wedding decor in a few years time.

Simplicity will always be in vouge, and the lack of details can also be a style statement!

You wedding pictures will stay timeless too!

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How important is color co-ordination?

A black and white color scheme is a fool-proof way of hosting an instantly dramatic affair – and did you know that white table cloths , white napkins and white tableware is much more affordable?

Combine with a black tie dress code, and you will have that effortless elegance in a flash without having to part with too much money.

Incorporate color by using plenty of greenery to create a lush atmosphere. It is available any time of the year as this is what florists use as fillers. Use a lot of of fillers to make the florals pop.

A trick is to choose brightly colored flowers as one flower will radiate its color across the room!

Black-tie wedding reinvented


To theme or not to theme, that’s the question

If you do want a theme, decor styles that are forgiving on a budget are Earthy Minimalism, with Industrial themes also with great potential.

An classic/ minimal/ or slightly rustic atmosphere will be the easiest to achieve, generally – and you’ll be able to have oozes of personal style, too.

A laid back Scandinavian inspired decor with candles, glass vases and natural elements will go down really well and be super easy  to achieve, and all your guests will love the cozy Hygge atmosphere.

But ultimately, skipping the theme altogether will be most affordable, as you have less co-ordination to worry about.

The bottom line: the more props you need to make the wedding into something specific, you’ll need to spend money on creating the look.

Why not call your wedding “Inspired by (insert word from venue atmosphere + (insert word from meaningful topic)” – or why not “Our unique Love“!


Work sheet: how to create a highly personalized wedding day


Placement of decor

Keep it simple and understated in most places, and then select a couple of high-impact areas where you “bring it on” – this is the ultimate secret for saving money. Example places could be high visibility areas such as the head table, by the main door or next to the bar.

Finding the right balance of decor can seem tricky, but it is easy if you pick areas where you know many pictures will be taken or where guests are likely to spend time. Then choose low cost items (or none) for the remaining areas of your venue.

Putting many flowers in one place, is more effective that spreading them out across the whole venue = more mileage for your bucks! A floral wall will make a statement of opulence – yes, you’ll need a lot of material, but basically free items such as inexpensive grasses, dried botanicals will make it stand out. Even sprigs from the forest will look amazing.

Your wedding pictures themselves will be a kind of decor to look back at. Try influences such as Moody or Fine art looks – and make sure you choose the right photographer to help you captivate the intended feeling of the wedding.


How to save on wedding flowers



It is true to say that if you chose a venue which is already amazing, you won’t need to add too much to it! A vineyard, a garden or a green house will bring so much beauty automatically that all you need is yourselves, music and catering!

Your guests them selves can be decoration, is you ask for a dress code. How about all ladies wear flower crowns = your floral needs taken care of, and you’ll have an ocean of bridesmaids too!

If your wedding venue is set up well, they will have the basic items that you can use, maybe even free of charge, and all you need to do is to bring your flowers and candles.

To that you can add simple glass holders for candles and minimalist vases are easy to find and can all find a new purpose afterwards for your home, why not selling the rest to a new Bride , or giving back to charity as a conscious move.

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Be selective

You won’t have a particularly luxurious look if details such as an excessive amount of balloons, glitter menus coordinated with sequin table runners and plastic orchids, that were included solely because they seemed cheap to buy in bulk.

With too many fancy extras, your wedding could end up tacky,  and you would have wasted your money and effort on your quest for style. If  your wedding is full of discount buys with no finesse or thought behind it, it will look anything but elegant. Don’t risk it looking like a company Christmas party!

Rather spend wisely and impulse buys or anything that you didn’t plan to have in the first place.
Write your wedding shopping list early, and be strict. Walk away from temptation and stick to your concise plan. 

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Tasteful simplicity strikes as elegance, and it is most likely your creativity with materials and unique arrangements that will make your guests jaws drop – as opposed to your jaws dropping when you see the overdraft on your credit card.

Aim for a personal and artfully executed look that can’t be found in commercial outlets, that you have chosen thoughtfully because you genuinely love it!

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