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How to modernize and streamline your Wedding To-do list

You are counting down the days until you both say “I do,” and have accomplished some fun parts of the preparations such as wedding dress browsing, deciding on color theme and who will be your bridesmaids.

But as you might have realized, wedding preps can be challenging! If you since having seen the wedding checklist for the first time, felt a peculiar bridezilla sensation rising, here’s the good news: there are elements in a typical wedding checklist that should be scrutinized and updated.

Times have changed, and as you are a forward thinking couple planning a modern wedding, the must-do tips for traditional cookie cutter weddings might not apply to yours.

Below are some of the items that are in need of a refresh, so read on!

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Then: use a wedding theme. Now: apply your own composition

Not only is it unnecessary to have a theme, they have also become a dated practice.
For several years wedding days have been based on a preexisting theme chosen by the couple, such as bohemian, nautical, rustic (or Harry Potter?) and is essentially what made it unique compared to other weddings.

Of course, the benefit of a theme is that it gives the wedding day a familiar vibe and a coordination in your decor. But as time goes by – and with everyone copying everyone else on social media – the novelty of most themes have worn off. Instead of its original purpose of making the experience unique, the themed look has as of late become rather tired. Sadly, some weddings end up feeling like a repetition of something else – which is probably the complete opposite of what you want.

As you plan your decor, don’t think too hard about the theme. Instead, create an exhilarating mish-mash by fusing aspects together that say a lot about you as people. Things don’t even have to match!
Aim to make the wedding a novel experience for your guests, which hasn’t been seen before: an incomparable path of discovery which is totally up to you as a couple to determine. As fun as it is to put on an epic “out there” wedding, there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple and understated – why not borrow ideas from the Scandinavians which have perfected the tastefully low-key look?

Whether you go bold and colorful, or earthy and minimal – in any case make your wedding personalized and memorable. Write your own heartfelt vows, play an unexpected song as you walk down the aisle, incorporate elements from your home through the reception decor, have a juggler perform during cocktail hour, include your favorite animal as a mascot or serve waffles instead of wedding cake… What we are saying is: let your imagination run wild – and don’t be limited by themes!

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Then: must-have-designer gown. Now: whatever suits you

Spending countless nights scouring Internet for wedding dress ideas? Welcome to the club.
As swoon-worthy as these couture designer gowns are, if you’re someone who feels slightly intimidated (or indifferent) by the idea of wearing something worth thousands of dollars just for a day, you might just find satisfaction and be happy with anything simple, or something more alternative.

Jumpsuit, bridal pants, a short dress, a colored dress, a completely sheer dress… there are so many exciting options these days that don’t even need to cost an arm and a leg.

It is also completely acceptable to buy something tried and tested that you found on the sales rack in your local bridal shop – what is most important is that it is in your comfortable price range, comfortable to wear and makes you feel beautiful!

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Then: Perfection and co-ordination. Now: Go with the flow

Yes, it is your wedding and everything has to be p e r f e c t… But trying to control every single detail puts you at risk of going crazy. And you don’t have to spend money on every item on your checklist – for a lot of those things, it will be totally FINE to go for the less extravagant, simpler options.
For example: your flowers, centerpieces, entertainment, even your chosen cuisine…

What matters the most on the day are the things that make real impact on your guests -or your- experience, and we can promise you it is not how impressed they were by the presentation of the starters, but more about that they were moved to tears by the speeches, or how much fun they had on the dance floor.
Scale back on overly intricate details, and rather focus the effort on heartfelt and fun personalization which will create the best atmosphere.

It will be an incredible day because you got married and got to celebrate with all your people. Soon after the wedding, you’ll be wondering why you worried so much about serving freshly imported salmon from Norway and matching the color of the napkins to your peonies. Perhaps white napkins and local fish (more budget-friendly too) will do just fine?

Another area in which you’ll be able to hand over control and at the same time save money, arguments and sleepless nights are your bridesmaids… It is SO much easier to simply give them a color (or more) and request that they buy a dress within your criteria. They can choose exactly what the like in a budget that suits them, and are more likely to use it after the wedding. You’ll be relieved of the responsibility and they will be happier too!

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Then: follow a beauty-must-do. Now: be who you are

Ticking every point on the brides (or grooms) beauty list might seem like a duty to perform in order to get married successfully. But, as a modern and liberated couple, you’ll realize that don’t have to do a 180-degree turn just because you’re now engaged.
You are – and always will be – still you, even with a precious gem on your finger!

Unless you’re someone who already enjoys a manicure on a regular basis, you won’t need to adopt this habit now (especially not if you’re the type who tends to smudge the nail varnish moments after they’re painted!)
A DIY polish or a pop of color is just as good and in either case, what you don’t want is the nails to become the main event.

The same thing goes for agenda items such as “fake tan,” “dermatologist,” and “6 yoga classes a week”
A wedding is of course a valid reason to pamper and look after yourself a bit extra, but you absolutely DON’T have to totally drastically change your routine because you are about to turn into a Mrs.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – your Groom thinks your the most beautiful woman on earth already! Your sanity is the most important thing right now, so rather spend your energy on keeping as confident, cool and collected you can…

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Then: you control everything. Now: share the work load

Say goodbye to the notion that the Bride plans the whole wedding. Even though men can seem a bit indifferent when it comes to flowers, cake and outfit coordination, since both of you are getting married, it is more than acceptable to plan the wedding together as a team.

If your Groom-to-be seems disinterested in parts of the agenda, split the responsibilities so he gets a chance to put his wedding ideas forward where it matters most to him. If music is his big thing, let him be in charge of hiring the DJ. Maybe he is a practical man who can help with DIY jobs or running errands, or if hes the business type why not let him take over the liaisons with vendors?
If both of you utilize your skills, cooperate and support each other, your engagement will be so much more enjoyable. You’ll be less burdened, and he’ll feel proud to be part of the result.

Planning is a huge task and helping each other out will be a great relief for you. If opinions clash, try to remember the greater good of the project: your happily ever afters!

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Then: online invites. Now: back to classic

Deciding who to invite can be quite an effort when there are seemingly unlimited numbers of family and friends to consider with a limited wedding budget. (That’s why we made this easy worksheet for you!)

Once the list is complete, you’ll need suitable wedding invites to do the rest of the job. You can find many ways to invite your guests via wedding websites and paperless post, but the truth is that guests will absolutely appreciate a beautiful, tangible and irresistible card to make this extraordinary event even more memorable and significant.

You could really inject personality into your wedding invites with the array of designs in wedding invites from Pure Invitation. At their site you’ll be able to choose a look, colors and typography that suits the mood of your unique special day. Their elegant invites have designs that appeals to simple to elegant weddings and all in between, and are available with three different free samples that will help you to decide which card before you place the big order – which is really helpful in amongst all the other decisions you have to make.
Nothing says WOW like a beautifully printed invitation on real paper, delivered by post.

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Then: be a travel agent. Now: let guests decide for themselves

You can rest assured that your visitors will know how to utilize the Internet to figure how to get to your wedding and where they can stay. While it’s appreciated to do some research and make it easier for long distance guests with a few recommendations, it doesn’t any longer have to be up to you to locate the least expensive or best located hotel for visiting loved ones and an itinerary for all the local attractions. Most people know how to utilize booking sites or travel agencies – its likely that people have different preferences and budgets, so this way they’ll get a chance to choose what suits them.

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Whilst planning your wedding, remember that you have the freedom to keep everything the way you prefer, irrespective of traditions from previous generations. Weddings are massive productions that can end up complex and costly to arrange. You are paying for it, so why not just do it your way?
If what is suggested to you by someone else or a standard wedding checklist is simply not your style, feel free to scrap out “must haves” if they are redundant to your unique wedding day experience.
Basically see each pointer in your to-do list as an opportunity to tell your story. Anything goes, as long as it reflects you as your unique selves on your special day, and you won’t need to worry too much about the rest.

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