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Complete your bridal look with Accessories that showcase your individuality

Whether you love the idea of a traditional bridal look, or you prefer something more modern, here are some useful tips to help you create the perfect combination of accessories for you.
With our advice you have all the information you need for spectacular wedding accessories that are also based on your individuality!

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Which are the right accessories for YOUR wedding?

Before you think about your bridal accessories, you need to firstly make a firm plan on the most important aspect of your outfit: your wedding dress.
Your dress is ultimately the foundation on which the your bridal look rests. This doesn’t mean you need to go all classic if you choose an ivory lace A-line, but you should always make sure that the accessories will compliment your dress – and not the other way around.

You also need to bear the intended look and feel of your wedding in mind. Juxtaposition is always a great thing, provided it is done artfully.

For example, this could be to balance an otherwise minimalist wedding dress with a bold head piece or a dramatic cape, or to add something vintage to a modern wedding dress.
But if your wedding venue is a beach and the general vibe is understated, a cathedral veil and 9 inch heels might not be the most cohesive fit. You get it!

Those who dream of looking like a fairytale princess on their wedding days might love the look of a whimsical tiara, while those who are a little more edgy might like the idea of a crystal choker.
Statements like this not only look great on the day but will be memories forever in your photos, so make sure to always choose a reputable wedding photographer!

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Use your accessories to your advantage – not only are there are dresses that give you the figure you want; you can find head pieces that gives you the appearance of a duchess, hair accessories that makes the most out of your cheekbones and earrings that complements your face shape.

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Seek wedding day comfort

While wearing a pair of killer heels might make you look a million dollars, you probably won’t feel it at the end of the night. It’s your wedding day, and your comfort matter the most! Always think in terms of wearability, because even though the day goes faster than you think, you will ultimately be in your bridal gear for most of it.

When choosing accessories and pieces, make sure that you look for things that not only bring on the look you want, but also feel comfortable.
A tiara with sharp metal edges will push against your head all night and might leave you with a sore head, while a heavy pair of earrings will drag down your lobs and cause additional pain.
Try on each piece in the shop and try to imagine what it would feel like to wear it for 10 hours. If you already can feel slight discomfort, you know it isn’t going to work.

When you have chosen your wedding shoes, be sure to break them in by wearing them gently around the house. Using a hairdryer to warm them up will help to quickly mold them around your feet.
Gel sole inserts can also help you feel extra cushioned as you celebrate with the love of your life!

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Get bridal support

From your hair comb to your veil and to your garter – make sure you can move, dance and celebrate freely without constantly having to worry that things are still in the right place!

Never underestimate the power of the right lingerie – make the most out of support and comfort for your body when it comes the garments that you wear underneath your dress. It can really make a difference to how your dress fits and feels, so it is a good idea to bring the right supportive lingerie along to your wedding dress fitting in order to get a true sense of the final fit – and if the combination is dance friendly!

If your wedding takes place on a lawn, gravel or other soft ground (forest, beach, national park..) be sure to select appropriate footwear. There are clever heel stoppers available that will help to prevent you from getting stuck in the ground, and also protect the heel from damage.
Be sure to get some for your bridesmaids too!

ALWAYS have a second pair of more comfortable shoes on stand by! No one wants to spend their honeymoon with blisters…

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Consider the features of the dress – and your own

Once you decide on the wedding dress you want, look for accessories that work with its fabric, shapes and features.
If you choose a dress with a sweetheart neckline, or a strapless dress, consider using long earrings to elongate your neck.
If your earrings are on the large side, combine with an understated elegant necklace.
A dress with a V-neck look amazing when paired with a long teardrop pendant necklace that highlights the area.
A high neck lace gown looks even more grand with a spectacular and intricate head band.

The key is to think what the dress hasn’t got much of, or where skin is exposed, and bring the missing aspects in with the help of your accessories. See it as a balancing act!

Shoulder jewelery creates a sense of luxurious drama that will make a minimal wedding dress stand out – and great if you want to highlight your beautiful décolletage.
Consider pairing a glitzy tiara with a halter dress to draw the focus to your beautiful face.
If you want to define your waist, a pretty belt or bow will make a feature.
A back necklace is the perfect complement to a skin exposing open back design.

Ultimately, you can use accessories to draw attention away from any problem areas, highlight the features you are most proud of and of course – express your unique personality!

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Follow Coco Chanel

Coco’s fashion legacy remains current to this day. Not only was she a mastermind of designing clothing, the icon of the modern woman’s apparel always encouraged girls to never over-do accessories.

(Although if we take her advice as Coco Chanel said, “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls” – pearls are definitely a good idea on your wedding day!)

As much as you might like the idea of wearing it all – and matching it with your shoes – sporting too many pieces will make you look like a show-off and your look as a result becomes overly busy.
Take note from Coco’s wisdom on your big day and focus on adding just a few tasteful and carefully chosen accessories.

Choose your pieces that are meaningful to you, and always consider their longevity as they will be seen in your wedding pictures for years to come. It is therefore a wise idea to go for timeless appeal as opposed to current trends.
Classic pieces such as pearl earrings, a vintage diamond bracelet and a glitzy head band or hair comb is something you simply can’t go wrong with.

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Whilst finding the wedding dress and planning your dream wedding should be the most important aspect of preparing for the special day, it is useful to consider the impact your accessories will have. They add the perfect finishing touch and will balance, draw attention to and amplify your overall outfit.

So to sum it up: there are not many rules, but a lot of guidelines.
What is essentially the most important thing is that you are comfortable and love wearing it. Aside from that, be free to be innovative!
And if you are not sure what you want, go for the “less is more” approach. You go wrong with simple, timeless elegance.

See your accessories as a way to express your individuality, enhance your best features and ultimately to highlight your Inner Bride!