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This is why a unique wedding is so much more fun

What is the adjective you would choose to describe your ideal wedding?

For many, “romantic” would be the first word that comes to mind, whilst others might opt for “magical” or “traditional”.
Of course it is natural to be dreaming of a picture-perfect wedding day that puts your romance in the center of attention in the traditional way. Ultimately, it is precisely what weddings should be about; commemorating your eternal and sacred vows.

But perhaps you are an alternative minded couple, and your adjective of choice could be “unique” or “innovative” – and you already know that you’re not going to achieve this with conventional wedding props.

In todays post we will explore some fun ways to incorporate a bit of untraditional cool into your awesome wedding day.
If original is what you are all about, your wedding should be too!

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If you are a modern, alternative, bohemian, edgy or in other ways forward-striving wedding couple, a typical wedding reception could appear a little tedious for your personality types.
With a traditional wedding comes expectations from every direction, and you’ve seen these countless times on TV…. the bridal dress moment, the limousine, the traditional three-tiered cake and the humiliating garter toss.

BUT here’s the thing: Every couple is different! And thus, your wedding should be modified accordingly, too.

Couples who choose to describe their ideal wedding as unique are also likely to be non-conformist as people. They might have been to traditional weddings before and found them a tad predictable – perhaps even somewhat dull.
Some just don’t identify with the typical wedding agenda, and might actually feel limited by it. Not everyone feels comfortable in highly controlled situations – and that’s fine!

Instead they’d want something that suits their avant-garde and curious personalities…such as:

-A wedding reception that saves them from predictable routines that might just make them feel awkward
-A wedding day look
liberated from “must-have” aspects that simply don’t ring true to who they are.
-A wedding as a whole that rather just ignores the typical fashions and instead focuses on the authenticity of their love, excitement, and sense of togetherness with everyone who has come to celebrate this extraordinary occasion.

Injecting a healthy dose of the unexpected creates playfulness that will result in an incredible wedding day experience, and this is ultimately a wonderful gesture – both for yourself and your guests.
This could be done with any aspect of the wedding day timeline and in any way you desire – from how you style your ceremony, to what your bridesmaids wear, and the food you serve or the entertainment you provide.

Just think of every bullet point on your planning checklist as an opportunity to personalize!

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Be a unique bride with your wedding attire

One of the best ways to let your personality shine and detach yourself from the chains of tradition is to ignore the imagined need for a mass produced wedding dress. You don’t even need to wear white!

Not that there’s anything wrong with a bride in a ivory lace Aline, but if it’s not your thing, rather plan to make a bold entrance in a gown that states: “Today is my day, and I’m here to celebrate with everyone – my own unique way.”

If you are a creative bride, choose to bring personality with an outfit that reflects your appreciation for alternative fashion.
Perhaps you’ll go for an understated dress, an asymmetric hem or dramatic sleeves. Why not bridal separates – or a jumpsuit?
Introducing color or pattern to your wedding dress is a funky way for couples to stay coordinated – why not match the color of your Groom’s tie to aspects of your dress?

A blush, lavender, blue or maybe a yellow dress makes a vivid impression too, especially perfect if you’ve chosen an alternative style of venue. Red wedding dresses are traditional in Asian cultures, but who says you can’t borrow it?
How about floral prints or embroidery on your dress? Stripes or polka dots?

If you look around, you’ll realize there are plenty of choices – feel free to use your limitless imagination and creativity when choosing your outfits.

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Although a white gown might be your preference, you may choose to inject a pop of personality with a pair of cool shoes that make an instant fashion statement and fun pictures.
Boots are a fantastic way to show your rebellious personality, or you could add a touch of 70s disco with a pair of colored velvet mules.
Or if you’re the kind of gal who lives in her sneakers, why not sport a pair of customized Converse shoes for the ceremony?

Stay true to your personality, and you’ll automatically be remembered as the coolest-ever bride!

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Make epic memories through photography for you and your guests

Of course, you’ll want plenty of photos of the day. Ultimately, it’s a big day; you’ll be looking at the images for the years to come.

If you’re worried about making guests bored whilst you are busy with your couple shoots, there’s an easy solution: ensure there is plenty of entertainment during cocktail hour.

Booth Boy services promise an entertaining and fun experience where everyone can take part and create new memories.

(If you don’t want to miss out on the fun, you could even plan your couple shoots to another day other than the wedding, in order to maximize on time with your guests)

For cocktail hour and for the party after, you want to make sure there is an interactive and engaging activity available, such a fun photo booth with props. This will ensure an entertaining experience that will make your wedding so much more fun to attend!

Your guests’ enjoyment of your wedding is the proof of its success – and the photo booth is the best way for you to effortlessly capture it!

Make sure to create a cool wedding hashtag. Some examples of couples with a sense of humor include #YouHadMeAtMerlot and #OliveYouSoMuch, so feel free to personalize yours to maximize on the social media memories that will continue to flow after the wedding.

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Re-think the ring

If you are a Royal enthusiast, you might have noticed that Prince William doesn’t wear his wedding band, simply because he finds it uncomfortable.
Others have a job in which they can’t practically keep their ring on.

Thankfully, other options are available which are just as meaningful and beautiful, for example wedding tattoo ink. Although they can be removed with some effort, a tattoo is ultimately a skin-deep commitment to your relationship and a clear testimony to your love. Besides, a tattoo is rock n roll = the perfect solution for an alternative couple!

Pick the design wisely to stand the test of time: so keep it simple with timeless lines and neat shapes.
Matching tattoo art on your wrists is a good placement for a more elaborate design if this is your preference.

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Cutting-edge wedding cake

Don’t like the taste of ordinary cake, or can’t stand the thought of that awkward cake-in-the-face tradition? Who says you need it!?

If the traditionally tiered white wedding cake is simply not your taste, why not go for something that you indeed both love, such as a completely unique cake or a lovely assortment of your favorite dessert dishes.
After all, who doesn’t like cake pops, donuts and homemade pie? They’re not only easier to share, prepare and afford – they always make everyone happy!

Be creative with your favorite indulgence: simply stack it in tiers and you’ll have the masterpiece that guests will talk about for years. Try with cheese wheels, pancakes, ice cream or why not a tower of pizza?

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To sum up: you should always feel free to personalize and bring your awesome personalities to your wedding.
When you rethink traditions and design and plan according to your own unique vision, you can shape your dream wedding around your extraordinary combination of identities and authentic senses of self to share with your guests.
Your wedding is a magical opportunity for them all to find out more about who you are, and planning for some surprises will be so much more fun and make for a truly memorable event, we promise!