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The importance of an intergrated self-care routine for brides-to-be

As you prepare to be a Bride, beauty is likely to be high on your list of priorities.
With this post we want to remind you to also center your self care regime around feeling good to increase your vitality and your confidence. This is the best way to stay on track during the months of wedding planning and also help you to arrive at the altar feeling like the best bride possible.

Wedding planning can -and will- get chaotic, and your wellbeing during these months could get compromised when the pressure to get it all sorted on time, and you might feel a little frayed around the edges. Sleepless nights, skipped meals, way too many cappuccinos – staying chilled might just seem impossible when facing the many tasks on your to-do list that you are left to cope with.
Being engaged is a mental journey as well as a practical undertaking, and it is possible that you will encounter the occasional wobble and even be at risk of turning into a bridezilla.

Whilst working towards the wonderful occasion which is your wedding, the long road to get there may increase levels of anxiety, which can cause irrational thinking, decision fatigue, put pressure on relationships; unexpected fights and bickering with your partner over major and trivial matters. Tasks such as selecting bridesmaids, deciding who to invite and choosing which wedding gown to wear, along with constant budget pressures and family politics can add unprecedented stress.

In order for you as a busy bride to keep as calm and collected as possible during pressured times, we have prepared these tips with you today to make sure your vitality and mental health is optimized from the foundation and up.
Just think about it: if your emotional, psychological and social wellbeing are all as solid as possible, you’ll give yourself the best chance to plan the most sensational wedding possible – and your marriage will be off to a healthy start, too!

PS. Get your groom to adopt your new good habits!

Both wellbeing and beauty is linked to emotions. So always do your best to try to enjoy every moment of your engagement as much as possible, and make sure to relax and recover in between wedding planning errands and decision making.

When things get challenging, remind yourself to keep a sense of appreciation and wonder of the imminent wedding, and remind yourself of the true goal: marrying the love of your life. Keeping perspective is your new mantra!

Even though you want to get into your best shape ever, don’t push beyond what is reasonable. Try to live balanced and eat well 80% right 80% of the time. Which means: everything in moderation – including moderation.

Address your feelings as they arise. Stuffing away emotions and trying to constantly uphold a front of “I’m fine!” can strike back later – you don’t want to risk it happening the day before the wedding!
If you find yourself tense and angry, find a good friend or family member to talk to. You might find that a journal might be a useful tool to keep a tab on your inner wellbeing.

Even though you are trying to look the most beautiful ever for the wedding, the wellbeing of your heart, emotions and stress levels must come first. Taking care of body and face is next. Wellbeing and beauty go hand in hand; and true bridal beauty is built from the inside.

Even though wedding planning can be stressful as h-ck, simply by putting a smile on your face you’ll boost happiness and wellbeing.
Smiling sends a message to your brain that says, “I’m awesome.” Make it a habit to smile and laugh more frequently to cultivate a positive and excited outlook.

Set aside “you” time, no matter how full your schedule gets. This should be spent doing things that relax and nurture and fill you with endorphines, such as a lovely walk, a warm bath, or reading a book on a comfortable sofa.

If planning gets in the way for your sanity and wellbeing routine, take some time out, go outside on a sunny day and simply take a moment to feel the fresh air on your face.

Make sure to also plan for one wedding free day per week – at least half a day. This means no looking at your planning list, spread sheet, wedding binder or wedding related social media.

This goes for you as a couple too – if you are constantly talking wedding, you might forget what you used to have fun over. Have no-wedding-talk days every now and again, and remember what your relationship was all about before you got engaged.

Learn how to say no. Both to unreasonable requests from bridesmaids and family members, but even to say no to aspirations you have set yourself and realize are not necessary.
Let go of the imagined need to “have it all” – it will save you both stress and money.

There is no right way or wrong way to have a wedding. As long as the legal parameters are fulfilled, your wedding is a success. The other details of the celebrations are just trims, as it is totally up to you how you want to spend the day. Try not to see your wedding as a template which you fill out – feel free to design the entire day around your own list of priorities.

On your wedding day, stand out for being yourself than by looking like someone else. Embrace what makes you special and unique and express your beautiful authentic being. Highlight your best features and be proud of the woman you are and the milestone you have achieved!

Practice mindfulness with your groom during the course of the wedding. The minutes swoosh past very quickly, so make sure to take a moment here and there as a couple to look around, ingest your surroundings, savor the moment and experience the fullness and the realness of it.

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