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These courageous Color palettes will add subdued drama to your wedding aestethic

Intuitively, “moody” might not sound like the greatest way to  describe a wedding day. But of course this is not the emotional perception of the day; rather the colors, mood and decor style this theme entails. When it comes to weddings, Moody doesn’t mean glum or dismal, but rather a courageous and subdued drama.

Why would you plan a Moody wedding? Not only is it thought-provoking and bewitching, the mysterious and poetic impression it will bring about is intensely powerful if you want to have a different kind of wedding, one which is deeply romantic in its own fascinating way.
Moody is most directly achieved with a photography style which is shot with low light and dark shadows. You’ll also be able to enhance the moodiness with your decor by using 18th century looking elements, mixing in a generous dose of natural wildness. Think Tim Burton meets  Snow White or Red Ridinghood. A node to Gothic with a generous helping of vintage bohemia spiced with edginess.

It is also true to say that any wedding day – including Traditional and Romantic – may fall under the Moody category as long as the photographer uses the moody technique to invoke depth and dimness in your photos, which results in wedding photos that stand out with bold and enchanting appeal.

This kind of enigma in your wedding photos will deepen the magnetism in your love for each other, allowing the intensity of emotions radiate in the pictures. For couples who don’t want their day to be portrayed with sugar coated “fluff”, it might just fit their personality better to go for an interesting photographic style which will captivate the strengths in their love and passion in the serious way they favor.

We’ve sharpened our creative artistic brushes and put together two compelling color schemes for your Moody wedding day. The combinations of deep jewel tones and Grey, with a pop of richness to captivate, combining these colors with a unique decor style and Moody photography, you are guaranteed a wedding that will stand out from the crowds as inspiring, off-beat and fearless.

We hope you enjoy these color schemes – you are welcome to tell us what you think in the comments below!

Moody color schemes to add charisma and captivating beauty to your wedding | This and more at
Moody color schemes to add charisma and captivating beauty to your wedding | This and more at

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