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These tips will help you find your dream wedding dress more effortlessly

Beginning to look for your Wedding Dress is a magical thing. We have gathered some insanely clever hints from the wedding dress salon owner at Jo Malin Couture to prepare you on this exciting journey which are guaranteed to make you feel better informed as you set out to find the dress of your dreams!


Have a starting point

Firstly, find out what style of dress you feel most interested in trying.

Prioritize your personality and what you would like to project on your wedding day. For example: classic, romantic, sassy, demure, boho or any of the other looks. Then you might think if you can imagine any must-have features, such as sparkle, pouf, lace, sweatheart, with or without straps etc. Also consider fabrics – which ones do you like the look, feel and movement of?
Remember that it is possible to find dresses that incorporate several vibes!

But don’t worry  – should you not have a clue what you are looking for when you come to your first appointment, your consultant is there to help you get started.

The more information you give to her or him, the easier they will find you ‘the one’.

Have an open mind

Although we definitely recommend having a starting point, avoid becoming too fixed on it! Remember that when you are at your appointment you should aim to try several different styles to see what feels right once it’s on.
It is important to come with an open heart, and an open mind, because what you have imagined might be totally different from what you’ll end up loving the most.
Don’t be 100% set in your views because it might restrict your thinking process and make the search unnecessarily hard.
You could end up being your own nemesis if you let “that dress” (that may or may not even exist) bring your shopping experience to a halt.

Things I wish I knew before I bought my wedding dress .... @Sheer Ever After Wedding Blog
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Things I wish I knew before I bought my wedding dress     ....     @Sheer Ever After Wedding Blog
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Know what works for your body

When looking for your dress, think of which parts of yourself you would like to show off. Maybe you have beautiful décolletage, the perfect back or toned arms etc.
If there are any areas which you possibly would like to disguise – be reassured that the beauty of modern Bridal Fashion is that there are styles to fit everyone that can help you look and feel amazing (even skinnier) regardless of your size.

Consider the venue

They say “the bigger the venue – the bigger the skirt” but that is only true if it rings true to you. The venue might have norms and practicalities, which are both possible to overcome with some clever thinking.

It could make sense not to wear heavy fabrics and expanding trains in hot summery locations such as the beach, and likewise:  if you are getting married in a cathedral you might want to avoid a sexy gown with a sheer fabric.

But remember that there are so many styles out there – there is some room for maneuvering. If you insist on wearing a ball gown to the beach, you  can choose lightweight materials such as chiffon or tulle, or wear a skirt/ train you can remove.
In the cathedral, wear a dramatic cape or detachable train or sleeves to cover up an open back and choose a champagne colored lining instead of sheer fabric!

With the options of adding separates pieces you can pick and choose – the modern world of wedding dress design gives you flexibility.

The most important thing to remember, is that you are happy with what you are wearing.

Things I wish I knew before I bought my wedding dress .... @Sheer Ever After Wedding Blog
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Bring the right people to the appointments – and not too many of them

It is best to only bring those who you trust have only your interest at heart, a well as being known to have a calming influence. You  might feel like it is a nice idea to -as well as mum and dad, sister and maid of honor- also bring all your 5 bridesmaids, your 2 big brothers, your granma, your stepmum, your cousin, your aunt and your best friend from first year.

Stop right there!

You’ll be surprised what sides wedding dresses bring out of people! Rather play it safe, take your sister or someone else that support you unconditionally.
At any rate, let it be a intimate, uncomplicated and joyous time. Because shopping for your dress is a delicate matter so don’t let unnecessary conflicts risk your zen during this precious decision.

A wedding dress purchase is highly unique! In the end of the day, all that really matters is YOUR opinion.

Things I wish I knew before I bought my wedding dress .... @Sheer Ever After Wedding Blog
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Listen to your gut instinct, and remember that Confidence is Beauty! Only YOU can decide what is right for your personality and your wedding.

Things I wish I knew before I bought my wedding dress .... @Sheer Ever After Wedding Blog


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