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Boho-Luxe Fonts

The boho spirit may have been born generations ago, but it continues to resonate with brides of many backgrounds. Why? It’s unique, modern, and as the bohemian style is less formal and structured it opens doors to creative and individualized interpretation, whether it is in clothing, home decór or weddings.


Boho-luxe combines organic, free-spirited an nature-inspired elements with modern influences. It is rebellious in a wild yet elegant way, just as the Parisian bohemians at the turn of the 20th century, where it lends its vintage romance flair.

Boho-luxe is perfect if you want to embrace the laid-back and informal wedding elements from the traditional bohemian style, but still want to enjoy luxurious cocktails, dreamy table settings with loosely arranged flowers and a perhaps a reinvented black-tie dress code. One part rebel, one part high-end, the boho-luxe wedding vibes will suit you if you want a vintage-style but glamourous wedding, metallic accents on your luxury table  and fine art artisan calligraphy wedding invites.

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boho luxe1
Let your boho-luxe inspired invites feature foil imprints on high quality paper, letterpress, delicate wax seals and an overall vintage-luxurious understated design.

For your typography, go for a mixture between hand lettering, romantic script font, combined with neat and elegant modern typefaces to create the same juxtaposition between artful, romantic calligraphy and neat, modern elegance.

Decór-wise, boho-luxe is creative, full of vibrant colours such as jewel-tones and greenery. It has a touch of whimsical but less in a hippie way and more towards vintage glamour. Luxurious details such as metallic accents, well chosen natural elements, and although still handcrafted and effortlessly put together, decor items are less rustic and shabby but rather veering towards glamorous and antique.

It is easy to love this look as it represents a sophisticated step up  from the rustic bohemian wedding look. Whether you’re rebellious or elegant, romantic or edgy, classy or artistic – you can have the best of both worlds!

So let’s celebrate la vie de boheme with a collection of free fonts for your blog or wedding stationery projects.

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Free Boho-luxe fonts for your graphic wedding projects

  1. Mother of the bride: MODESTY
  2. True love: SIMPLY GLAMOROUS
  3. First look: BONDOLOU PEEK
  4. Save the date: WILDERNESS TYPEFACE
  5. Master of ceremony: BODONI
  6. Jenga: JACQUES & GILLES
  7. Cheese wheel: CHEDDAR JACK
  8. Artful: BRUSHER
  9. Favours: GOOD KARMA
  10. Dream catcher: WINTER CALLIGRAPHY
  11. Wild soul: AMBARELLA
  12. Cosmopolitan: NORTHERN LIGHTS
  13. Greenery: TAMORO SCRIPT
  14. French lace: ASTERISM REGULAR
  15. Free spirit: PENNELLINO
  16. Guest book: MOON

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13 thoughts on “Boho-Luxe Fonts

    1. Hi Ciaran, thank you for stopping by! And thank you for reminding me that I have not left a guide in my post for those new to typography. It is not very difficult – these fonts are all available for free download from various font portals around the web. A few that I can recommend are, and, but there are several more. The websites above are tried and tested sources.
      The quickest way might still be to search “*font name you want to download* free font downoad” in your favorite search engine.
      Once you have found your font, find the Download button and click it.
      Then go into your Downloads folder, open the zip file with the fonts name and double click OpenType format file (OTT)- there might be Truetype(TTT) also but if there is an option, rather choose OpenType as it is more modern and robust.
      Click the Install button, it should only take a few seconds to install – and then the font should appear in your text-processing programs such as Office and Adobe.
      Let me know how it goes – good luck!

      1. This is pretty lame. You show all these fonts with no where to access them. I looked up a few of them and the free download versions look nothing like your preview. Kind of disappointing.

      2. Hi Sarah,
        Please send me an email with the specific fonts you are struggling with. Perhaps you have been mixing up the example word and the name of the font. The font name is in small capital text underneath the example word. There are millions and millions of font out there, some will have similar sounding names. Looking in more than one place might be necessarybut shouldn’t take too long. I found them easily so it is interesting to hear that you have such difficulties. Google images might be useful so that you have a visual reference.
        I was meticulous when making this font collection and put a lot of time and artistry into it. Most people have found it great, given it’s 3.5K saves. I am sorry that you found it so disappointing. But hopefully there are other great fonts somewhere else for you.

    1. Hello!
      The way to download used to be to search for the fonts on the web, but we now have provided the direct links to those sites to meet popular demand. Hope that will be easy to find now. Thank you!
      / Joey

  1. I am trying to find the font ‘Cosmopolitan’. Search engine is pulling up a different font than the one you have shown. Can you send me a link for the free download of the font you have used please? Thanks

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