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The beauty of Bezel Set Engagement Rings

My fiancé was so overwhelmed by ring choices(who wouldn’t be?), that he borrowed a ring from a jeweler with the diamond he chose temporarily set on it, so that he had something to propose with. How absolutely lovely of him and the jeweler, wasn’t it? (That is just one of many, many things I adore about him)

So, after having done some ring research online, we headed in to the jeweller Prins and Prins in Cape town and it was truly a unique experience; we chatted with the consultant for what felt like the whole morning to finalize the finer specifications of the design, and then we even got to meet the goldsmith who was gonna make the ring in person. It was so special. I cannot recommend them warmly enough. Delicate in the handling of your and your fiancés special point in time, and very intuitive  in the fulfillment of your highest engagement ring dreams. Their shop is located in one of the oldest buildings in Cape town and breathes history, it even has the old well still intact behind the bougainvillea filled courtyard. But I should probably go back to talking about ring designs now, hey!

When it came to the design, I initially I thought I wanted a highly detailed and intricate ring, but when I discovered the bezel setting, I was immediately was hypnotized by the clean and timeless design that would work with any occasion and fashion, it is a simple and timeless design and that is why I love it so much.

In this post I want to showcase the sparkling beauties that inspired me to go for the mesmerizing bezel set engagement ring style. They are unusual but oh-so-elegant and classy in their unique way.

Bezel set rings @SheerEverAfter
image via exquisite banana
Bezel set rings @SheerEverAfter
image via zoara
Bezel set engagement ring @SheerEverAfter
image courtesy of wedding bee
Bezel set rings @SheerEverAfter
image via Moonspun jewelry
Bezel engagement rings @SheerEverAfter
image via etsy
Testing Testing 123
image via wilson diamonds
Bezel set rings @SheerEverAfter
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Bezel set minimalist engagement ring @SheerEverAfter
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Bezel set rings @SheerEverAfter
Image via etsy
Bezel engagement rings @SheerEverAfter
image via nodeform
Bezel engagement rings @SheerEverAfter
image via buzzfed
Vezel set engagement rings @Sheer Ever After
via wedding bee


Bezel set engagement rings @Sheer Ever After
via nodeform
Bezel engagement rings @SheerEverAfter
the most wonderful ring of them all… mine!

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