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Use this free Budget tracking tool for easy control of wedding costs

Planning a budget for your wedding can be a daunting and complex experience. As you research your costs and requirements, you need an easy way to manage expenses and keep track of the numbers. Sheer have created this ingenious (if we can say so ourselves) excel budget spreadsheet which  automatically calculates the suggested percentage of your budget to allocate for each category of expenditure, balances the estimates against the actuals, and monitors how much of the budget is left to spend.

We tried to make it as extensive as possible – but please don’t be overwhelmed with the details; you choose which items to prioritize and which to leave out. (I still might have missed essential things – your feedback will be valuable)
It should be fairly straightforward but do feel free to get in touch should you run into problems – however I’m afraid we can’t help with your budget, but will do our best with  spreadsheet questions;)

Here and here you can find some handy tips to get started if you are in the mood for some more money talk today!

Authors note: This is not a scientific calculation – be advised that the percentages in the planner are mere suggestions, which may be adjusted according to your specific wedding wishes. Any possible inaccuracies in the fields are assumed to be due to human error – please check your numbers. Sheer cannot be held accountable for errors in your final budget.

Click below to download:

Free Wedding Budget Planner from Sheer Ever After

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